With the fairly recent introduction of several very nice Cleveland style heads to the market, engine builders are finding big power by mating the canted-valve Cleveland heads on Windsor blocks. In fact, there were a few that made impressive power in the Popular Hot Rodding magazines’s Engine Masters Showdown.

And now Diamond Pistons has gotten into the game with a new line of dished pistons make to squeeze the most juice out of this engine combination.

Diamond says these pistons are designed to work with stroke lengths of 3.750, 3.850 and 4.000 inches. You can get a set with a 0.927wrist pin to work with a Ford 5.596 connecting rod or a .912 pin to match up with a set of Chevy 6.000 inch rods. Bore sizes are available from 4.000 to 4.060 inches.

The dish is designed specifically to match the outline of the Cleveland combustion chamber for maximum burn efficiency. Diamond also says there is enough dome thickness to handle 10 pounds of boost or 150-200 horsepower shots of nitrous. To lubricate the wrist pins, which are tool steel and available with our without a DLC coating, double oiling ports are cut into each pin bore, which are fed from the oil ring control groove. For more information, contact Diamond Pistons.

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