Classic Flathead Ford V8 engineOne engine build I’ve always wanted to underdate but have yet to do is a flathead Ford. Since my full-time work is with racing magazines, flathead tech, unfortunately, doesn’t come up too much. But an old-school flathead build is definitely on the Street Muscle Action to-do list.

In the meantime, Precision Engine Tech has a the first installment up in a series building a flatty. It has got an interesting mix of old and new stuff going in it, and I’ll be interested to see the final numbers. One of the things that bugs me about engine builds in a lot of magazines and websites is they will show photos of the new stuff–sometimes still in the box–and tell you it went it. But they won’t show the installation process or give any details. These guys don’t do that. If the details of an engine build are what you are looking for, you will enjoy this article.

One interesting part I noticed is the author had too little clearance between the piston at TDC and the combustion chamber in the cylinder head. His fix was to cut the piston domes on a lathe because this is cheaper than cutting on the heads. But then he goes and has the pistons and chambers measured by a Faro arm, custom plates made to fit into the CNC lathe, a custom program was written to cut the domes and then they are actually CNC cut. All very high tech, and probably not inexpensive.

Still, it’s a fun and intersting read.

Read the  flathead engine build article here.

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