Forget airline miles, cash back or even free gas–this is what a rewards credit card should be about.

Roush Yates, which not only builds all the race engines raced by Fords currently racing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, but also builds engines for several other racing series and offers a huge inventory of performance parts for both racing and street applications, is now offering a branded credit card of its own. The card is a Visa Platinum Rewards from an outfit called UMB CardPartner, but its more than just a regular card with a pretty racing-themed picture on the front.

Yes, you get the regular benefits that comes from owning a Visa Platinum Card, but the icing with the cherry on top is that the card rewards you with one point for every buck spent on every buck and two points for each dollar spent at Roush Yates Performance Products. Then once you rack up 5,000 points you get a $50 gift certificate to use on anything in the Roush Yates Performance Products store. And you don’t have to be a professional engine builder or a NASCAR Sprint Cup team to be able to find something useful. Roush Yates Performance Products has street performance products, has a chassis dyno on premises and even offers tuning services.

The real benefit here is that your reward is in the form of a gift certificate that can only be redeemed at Roush Yates Performance Products. So that means your significant other can’t spend the goods on clothes, shoes, a round of golf or something else you don’t care about. Plus, you can choose from five pretty cool card designs.

As someone who once owned a Toys-R-Us rewards card (Don’t laugh, if you’ve ever had kids in diapers you will know the value) this new card from Roush Yates Products blows that way out of the water.

For more information on the card, you can click here.

Or if you want to start picking out your rewards, check out the Roush Yates Performance Products website here.

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