We’ve always liked Darts cylinder heads, but the real eye opener came when we tested a set of cast Iron Eagles on the dyno. The heads made great power and you can dust off a new pair right out of the box for less than it takes to refurbish a practically free set of stock heads. You can check out that test for yourself.

So when Dart announced it is offering a new SHP aluminum head, it definitely got our attention. These heads not only offer the light weight and performance advantage of aluminum, they also arrive from the factory with a multi-angle valve job, hardened exhaust seats and bronze valve guides. You also get your choice between valvespring pockets to fit either 1.250 or 1.437 springs. Dart says they will bolt right up to any Chevy 23-degree small block configuration, and best of all, they will sell complete for $1,050 for a pair complete.

We’re looking forward to trying these bad boys out on a future engine build.

You can check out Dart’s new SHP heads here.

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