A few days back we showed you a teaser image of a new carburetor Barry Grant and Demon had in the works. Well, they’ve now taken the wraps off and given us the full details.

Demon is calling it the 625 Street Demon, and it is designed expressly for street vehicles and hot rods with stock to mildly modified motors. The Street Demon’s most striking characteristic is its unique look for a ¬†carb, but Demon says it has plenty of other unique features.

Demon says this new carb is a clean-sheet design utilizing two 1 3/8 inch primary throttle bores. Most interesting is the fact that the fuel is fed through, what Demon calls, “triple-stack” boost venturii. Two of the boosters are suspended across the bores in a conventional manner, while the third is actually integrated into the throttle bore’s walls. The idea is to create a better fuel/air mix for good throttle response, improved driveability and better fuel economy.

To create the unique “box” look, Demon has integrated the fuel bowl into the main body. The bodies can be either aluminum or a polymer that is said to reduce heat transfer into the fuel.

This new innovation definitely looks interesting. For more information, you can check out Demon’s website.

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