I don’t know about you, but one of the tasks I dislike most about engine building (just behind filing rings) is installing spiral locks. The Lock-In-Tool is a new invention created by a longtime engine building friend that makes the chore of assembling pistons on rods a lot easier. Here’s how to use it so you can decide for yourself if it is worthwhile.

Check out the printable instruction sheet.

You can visit the Lock-In-Tool website here.


UPDATE: Another great option for engine builders is another new tool available called SURE-Lox that we wanted to let you know about. While the Lock-In-Tool is definitely the best thing going when it comes to installing spiral locks, the SURE-Lox tool uses a special style wire lock and a unique tool that allows you to quickly install and remove locks with very little chance of damaging either the piston or yourself. Currently, CP is already offering the SURE-Lox design as an option for their pistons, and other manufacturers will be coming online soon. We’re so impressed with SURE-Lox that we’ve asked them to come on as marketing partners with the site. We plan to use the new Sure-Lox from Kramm-Lox in some upcoming engine builds soon, but if you are interested you can also check out the Kramm-Lox website here.

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