New Invention is a Better Way to Assemble Pistons and Rods

I don't know about you, but one of the tasks I dislike most about engine building (just behind filing rings) is installing spiral locks. The Lock-In-Tool is a new invention created by a longtime engine building friend that makes the chore of assembling pistons on rods a lot easier. Here's how to use it so you can decide for yourself if it is worthwhile.

Check out the printable instruction sheet.

You can visit the Lock-In-Tool website here.

UPDATE: Another great option for engine builders is another new tool available called SURE-Lox that we wanted to let you know about. While the Lock-In-Tool is definitely the best thing going when it comes to installing spiral locks, the SURE-Lox tool uses a special style wire lock and a unique tool that allows you to quickly install and remove locks with very little chance of damaging either the piston or yourself. Currently, CP is already offering the SURE-Lox design as an option for their pistons, and other manufacturers will be coming online soon. We're so impressed with SURE-Lox that we've asked them to come on as marketing partners with the site. We plan to use the new Sure-Lox from Kramm-Lox in some upcoming engine builds soon, but if you are interested you can also check out the Kramm-Lox website here.

6 Responses

  1. 56JB
    If that's really as easy as it looks, I'll have to try it out
  2. matty1
    How much are they?
  3. Jeff
    You can get them made from plastic for $25, but they will probably only last one engine build before the metal spiral lock eats it up. The CNC billet one I used sells for $90, but you can get replacement heads for it in different sizes for $70. Check out their website at
  4. mike t
    It would seem just as easy to install the one side instead of the temporary clip, that way it is already in saving 8 steps. Or does the pin need to be in to give a base for the spiral retainer?
    • Jeff
      That's a good question. It would seem to be easier that way, but in order to properly install the lock, the tool has to be pressed against the pin so that the lock can find the groove. But to keep the pin from simply sliding out the other end, it has to be secured. So the clip is the easiest, and fastest, way to do this.
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