Ford hasn’t put the Flathead V8 engine in anything since 1953, but thankfully, that doesn’t mean the engine is dead.

Instead, the performance market is still supporting the classic design with products that improve power, performance and longevity like never before. The latest is this new starter from Powermaster Performance that provides modern torque and efficiency while keeping that old-school look.

Powermaster calls this the Vintage Torque Starter and says that it uses a modern permanent magnet motor that boasts a low amperage draw. The result is a unit that’s half the weight of a stock Flathead starter with 75 percent more cranking power. Ball bearings also provide a greater¬†usable¬†lifespan for the starter than the old style bushings. This looks like a great option for new Flathead builds with higher compression or a supercharger.

Check out the Powermaster website here.

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