Electric cars aren’t just for greenies.

Well, it probably doesn’t hurt the green-factor, either. Rimac plans to become a manufacturer of electric vehicles, but its first model hardly bears the badge of the eco militants.

Instead, the Concept One is designed to be a no-holds-barred supercar. Plans are for it to use a system that allows a computer (or computers) to individually control the torque at all four wheels.

Rimac explains it by saying its “unique powertrain is divided into the front and rear sub-system. Each of those sub-systems contains two symmetrical motor-controller-reduction-gearbox units. This engineering masterpiece enables us to control each wheel independently, thousands of times each second, in both directions, delivering an unforgettable driving experience.”

The goal was to produce a car with over 1000 horsepower, a 0-100 kph time (Hey, its European) in less than three seconds. and a 305 kph (that’s 190 miles per hour) top speed. All that combined with a 600 kilometer (375 mile) range and you’ve got quite a concept.

Now Rimac has produced a video to prove that the Concept One is more than just a dream. The car is real and operational, although Rimac has yet to provide any performance figures.

Check it out for yourself.