New Renders Give Better Look at Next Generation Mustang

This may be the most accurate rendering of Fords new 2015 Mustang yet, thanks to

The website says that the renderings are created from leaked CAD images and spy photos. Many Mustang fans were worried the next-generation car would look too much like a two-door Fusion based on previous renderings and spy photos, but if the car looks anything like this that won't be a problem.

2015-Mustang-3D-Rendering-Based-on-CADMustang6g says that while the catfish grille front-end styling has already been established, but the big surprises are at the rear of the car. They say the unique louvered taillights as well as the reverse light centered in the lower portion of the rear bumper are accurate. There's also a more swept look to the fastback glass, and Mustang6g says that there will also be a double-bubble design element on the roof but it is too slight to show up well in the renderings.

So let us know, if these renderings turn out to be accurate, do you think the sixth generation Mustang will be a hit?


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