Truck Crash

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute is doing testing for the US State Department on barriers designed to keep trucks packed with explosives to getting into protected areas. And this video proves the real-world testing they are doing is pretty impressive.

The goal of the research is to determine the best barrier to keep the bed of a truck from getting one meter past the barrier (that’s the blue pole you see in some of the shots).  By our (very untrained) eye, this steel hoop buried eighteen inches into the ground does a pretty good job. The truck hits the barrier at 50 miles per hour and the cab gets sliced in half, but the barrels representing explosives don’t get past.

The hit is pretty vicious, and it is pretty obvious that anybody in the cab won’t be walking away from a crash like this. But interestingly, researchers said that their directives from the State Department the survivability of the driver was not a “primary” concern.