This probably wouldn’t strike those of you in Minnesota as too awesome, but for two young men in California building a hot tub into a working Cadillac convertible makes perfect sense.

They are calling their invention the “Carpool DeVille” and not only did they figure out how to work, they plan to take it to Bonneville and run it to 100 miles per hour, or more. Throttle and brake controls are now moved to the top of the door to keep it out of the water, and the original engine now does double duty providing motivation and heating the water. All the necessary apparatus for operating the hot tub–from filters to pumps–are contained in the trunk.

The pair’s plans to go to Bonneville is to get into the record books with the world’s fastest hot tub. We kind of wonder why even bother–a big barge like this looks more suited to a slow cruise than top speed runs. Still, it’s pretty cool what they’ve managed to create.