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Ford Unveils New Le Mans Spec GT Race Car

In the big reveal of a secret that everyone knew was coming, Ford today took the wraps off of the new GT it has developed to compete in Le Mans. Like the road-going version, the race spec GT will be mostly carbon fiber, has those fantastic buttresses and will be powered by an Ecoboost twin-turbo…
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Building Ford Race Engines for the Daytona 500

FR9 DynoHere's a fun video I had the opportunity to produce for my friends at Roush Yates Engines a few months back.

They wanted something to celebrate the beginning of the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup racing season, so we came up with this concept about building a Ford FR9 race engine that will go into one of the cars. Of course, after an entire off-season spent on research and development, most of the guts of the engine were still top secret--so a few steps had to be left out. Still, it's always fun to hear a Cup engine on the dyno.

And by the way, Penske driver Joey Logano won the Daytona 500 with one of Roush Yates Engines' Ford motors. Not saying this video was a lucky rabbit's foot, but if any Cup teams want to hire out the Horsepower Monster for a video next year just in case, we won't complain!

One of a Kind V12 Ford

Jan Baker had an idea. A longtime racing fan, he always felt like Ford should have built a V12 engine to compete with the likes of Ferrari at LeMans back in the '60s. Of course, Ford never built a V12 for racing, so Baker took matters into his own hands and built one himself. Baker…
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Easy Rev Limiter Tuning with a PerTronix Flamethrower

One of the pleasant surprises when working on The Horsepower Monster's 427 Stroker Engine project (if you haven't seen it, check it out here) was the built-in rev limiter on the PerTronix Flame-Thrower distributor we used. The PertTronix unit is a really nice piece because it puts out a nice strong spark, the mechanical advance…
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Great Racing Action from Lancaster (SC) Motor Speedway

  We love heading off to the dirt track for a Saturday night of dirty racing action. Lancaster Motor Speedway is our local dirt track in Lancaster, SC. The Late Models are usually the headlining class, but the lower levels can really mix it up too. One of our favorites is the Vintage class. The…
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Our (Mis)Adventures Painting the Horsepower Monster Project Camaro

Patina is popular these days, but the kind of dead silver paint, road rash and random rattle-can primer that came on our $2,200 Camaro was just plain ugly. Still, our 1978 Camaro is a project car, and the beginning of a project is no time to invest in an expensive paint job. We originally thought…
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How to Measure the Chamber Volume of Your Cylinder Heads

Being able to check volumes is critical for anyone building engines. You can calculate your engine's compression ratio based on what you think the combustion chamber volume in your cylinder heads might be, and what the catalog says the volume of the valve pockets in your pistons should be--but you are really just hoping unless…
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