Smart Car Spanks a Shelby Cobra Mustang

Smart Car Wheelie

This was definitely a humbling moment for somebody.

The Smart Four Two in the far lane may just be the ultimate sleeper. No fat tires bulging out of the rear fenders or anyting, but it does have a supercharged 1.5 liter engine out of a Toyota Paseo Sprintex swapped in place.

We don’t know much about Paseo Sprintexes, but apparently when you stick a blower on top they are enough to make a Smart Car do a heck of a wheelie. The little car jackrabbits out of the hole and puts a big lead on the bigger Mustang from the get-go. The description in the video says the Smart Car driver lifted at the end and lost by a hair to the Mustang (13.67 to 13.90), but whether that’s the truth or not it is definitely fun to watch this little car wallop the more powerful Shelby Cobra Mustang for the first 1,000 feet.

Idiots do Idiot Stuff so We can Enjoy It

Kicked Off a Motorcycle

We don’t know the backstory behind this video but we think the planning stages sounded about like this:

“Hey, Joe! I betcha won’t let me drop-kick you offia that  dirt bike!”

“No way, Bob! That’d be stupid!”

“I’ll let you wear my helmet.”

“OK, let’s do it!”

So maybe we made most of that up, but still, one idiot kicking another off a motorcycle. Why? Who knows, but we’re betting the answer is “teenager.”

Idiots Drifting in the Desert

Dodge Charger DriftingThere is no description to this video, but it’s pretty obvious this video was shot somewhere in the middle east. Heck, at one point they had to dodge a camel to continue their drift. I’m going to repeat that because I may never have an opportunity to type it again: THEY HAD TO DODGE A CAMEL!

There’s no doubt that these guys are idiots doing this stuff on a public highway. Most of the time while watching this video you’ll half expect them to flip and die at any second. Still, DODGE A CAMEL!


Watch this 1600 Horsepower Jeep Walk on Water

Jeep Driving on Water
Insane Racing’s YouTube channel consistently puts out the most … um … insane videos anywhere. And they’ve done it again.

This particular clip is a world record attempt at walking on water with a vehicle. The video was shot in Iceland of the Formula Offroad Jeep (maybe) owned by Gudbjørn Grimsson. And no, we have no idea how to pronounce that.

Regardless, watching this 4×4 scream across 1,000 feet of river with it’s paddle tires blowing water everywhere–thanks to a twin turbo V8 pushing 1,60 horsepower–is quite a treat. Check it out and you’ll see what we mean.

Incredible Crashes from the NHRA Southern Nationals

Drag Racing Explosion

The NHRA’s Southern Nationals certainly seemed like it was snakebit this weekend. The racers and track suffered one setback after another–everything from oil downs to crashes to rain–causing several classes to be postponed until Monday.

But what we did get were a handful of very dramatic crashes. Thankfully, everybody is OK, so we are free to gawk at them.

Up first is Tim Wilkerson in the Funny Car class. Everything looks fine at first, but two failed valves causes a sudden explosion that shreds the Mustang body shell and makes most Fourth of July celebrations look like a warmup.

Next up we have more fire with Antron Brown and his Top Fuel Dragster. Like Wilkerson, Brown experiences a catastrophic engine failure, and like Wilkerson, Brown walks away unscathed. But unlike the Funny Car driver, Brown manages to cross the finish line before hitting the wall and wound up qualifying second among Top Fuelers.

Finally, we have Pro Mod driver Dan Stevenson who, we are sure, is quite thankful his highlight clip doesn’t include fire, too. Instead, Stevenson loses control of his car and crosses into the other lane. Fortunately, the other driver had already spun the tires and shut down or else it might have been a two-car pileup.

Check Out this Tuner’s Vision for the C7 Corvette

SV7 Corvette 01

SuperVettes is a Corvette tuner that’s got some pretty nice looking C6 Corvettes out there.

SV7 Corvette 02But their vision for what they plan to do with the all new C7 Corvette is pretty far out there. So far all we have is a rendering of their body kit, but it looks like fender flares are the name of the game here. SuperVettes made their announcement of this car they are calling the SV7 on the C7 Stingray forum (you can see it here).

So far we don’t have much to go one besides this rendering and a couple shots of a stock C7 Vette set up for scanning, but the company’s GT6X body kit for the six generation Corvette doesn’t look too bad. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that they will actually be able to find a way to improve on the C7′s already striking design.

Vaughn Gittin Jr and Ryan Tuerck Tear Up Las Vegas to Celebrate the Mustang’s 50th

Vaughn Gittin Jr

In the old days it used to be that NASCAR drivers or drag racers were the faces for the big three automakers. Now, however, with motorsports skewing younger guys like drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr has become one of Ford’s most popular drivers.

Maybe it’s because he does stuff like this.

To celebrate the Ford Mustang’s 50th birthday Ford set Gittin Jr and driver Ryan Tuerck loose on Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The result is pretty fun, lots of good, smokey fun.

First Ride in the Ferrari LaFerrari


Ferrari just released the embargo on its first hybrid, the LaFerrari, and Car Magazine has one of the first reviews.

Instead of the boring old hybrid, this car uses an F1 style KERS system (kinetic energy recovery system) to assist the V12 engine make the LaFerrari the most powerful Ferrari ever produced at nearly 800 horsepower.

And then of course, there is the usual fantastic bodywork, carbon fiber everywhere and a price tag that exceeds the usual “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it” category. But you’d rather watch this incredible car in action than read any more, so we’ll shut up now.

Rollin’ Coal in a Turbo Diesel Rat Rod Pickup

Diesel Rat Rod Pickup
Take a 1974 1947 Chevy pickup with the perfect patina, stuff in a big Ford Powerstroke diesel engine, then bolt up a turbo and lock out the wastegate so it makes 40-plus pounds of boost–and this is what you get.

Need we say more? Didn’t think so. Just watch the video and enjoy.