They Don’t Save It

Rally Car Crash

We have no idea where this was shot, just that the car is a Ford Escort RS2000. (If anyone knows more details, please help us out in the comments below.)

But we bet you can still appreciate what’s going on here. Before things go bad we get a handful of shots of this driver really ripping up a fairly smooth gravel road in this rear-wheel drive car. But then the car gets some air coming off a hill and lands a little too nose forward. And guess what, there is no driving out of this one.

Thankfully, we see both the driver and navigator get out of the car and both appear to be OK.

Incredible Slow Motion Shots from NHRA Drag Racing Competition

Drag Racing Explosion

We have a pet theory: The faster something goes, the cooler it looks when you slow it way down.

The NHRA put together this great video of action on the drag strip shot in extreme slow motion. Explosions are cool in real time, but so much happens so fast it is hard to take it all in. But when it is slowed down like this, you get to sit back and watch just how much is going on.

This is So Wrong — But Awfully Funny

Fart CarYes, this video is sophomoric, juvenile, immature–you name it.

But it made me laugh out loud so I though I’d share. And if you can’t appreciate a fart joke this well done, then you need to loosen up a little bit.

Two Engineers Combine a Convertible Cadillac and a Hot Tub in a Stroke of Genius


This probably wouldn’t strike those of you in Minnesota as too awesome, but for two young men in California building a hot tub into a working Cadillac convertible makes perfect sense.

They are calling their invention the “Carpool DeVille” and not only did they figure out how to work, they plan to take it to Bonneville and run it to 100 miles per hour, or more. Throttle and brake controls are now moved to the top of the door to keep it out of the water, and the original engine now does double duty providing motivation and heating the water. All the necessary apparatus for operating the hot tub–from filters to pumps–are contained in the trunk.

The pair’s plans to go to Bonneville is to get into the record books with the world’s fastest hot tub. We kind of wonder why even bother–a big barge like this looks more suited to a slow cruise than top speed runs. Still, it’s pretty cool what they’ve managed to create.

Tiny Tires on a Drag Car Makes for a Nuclear Burnout

Massive Burnout
We don’t know much about what’s going on with this video except from the looks of things, somebody has mounted some skinny tires on a legitimate drag car. And when the driver hits the go pedal things quickly go from interesting to nuclear meltdown. Besides the smoke, just listen to that wonderful sound.

S10 Pickup Takes Out Mustang at the Drag Strip

Drag Racing WreckWrecking your race car at the track is tough enough, taking out your opponent at the same time makes for a really bad night.

Thankfully, the description for this video says that both drivers were able to walk away. That’s all we know, so all that’s left is to check out the carnage and be glad you don’t have to fix it.

Drifter Chris Forsberg Premieres His New Garage Tours Series

Chris Forsburg Garage Tours

Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg is a fan favorite because of his big personality, and that translates over to YouTube where he’s also a big draw.

And now the drifter has a new project in “Garage Tours,” a new YouTube series where Forsberg will be taking us to cool shops across the country. The first stop is the MA Motorsports race shop that’s the home base for his own drifting operation, but we understand that 10 of these videos are planned for season one. Surprisingly, MA Motorsports has a lot of cool projects going on besides drifting.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below. Will “Garage Tours” be a hit or just another YouTube flash in the pan?

This Plymouth Hemi Cuda Brought in an Astounding 3.5 Million

Hemi Barracuda

Often here at the Horsepower Monster we’ll bring you news when a car brings in some astounding figures at auction. Usually they are some rare Ferrari or an original British or German race car from the ’60s.

But this is a bit of a switch. We know that the televised Mecum Auto Auctions have driven up the prices for classic American iron, but this is a bit ridiculous. A Plymouth Hemi Cuda just sold on auction for an astounding three-and-a-half million dollars. This 1971 model is the highest price ever for an American made muscle car.

See for yourself and let us know in the comments if you think this means American cars are finally getting the respect they deserve or that things are getting out of hand for the regular guy.

Another Excellent Example of: “Don’t Be this Guy”

Motorcycle Stunt Crash

We get it: Showing off in front of pretty girls (we thought we saw some in the background) is a right of passage for every young man.

But showing off is also how stuff like this happens. Pain and humiliation and looking like an idiot rarely impresses anyone.

We consider this a public service announcement: Don’t be this guy.