Watch the First Ever Motorcycle Base Jump from Level Ground

Motorcycle Base Jump

Riding a motorcycle off a cliff and descending safely on a parachute is pretty dramatic–but that’s all been done before. Heck, in these days of extreme sports everything, that’s practically like driving to the grocery store to pick up a loaf of bread.

Rider Brad O’Neal has taken it a step farther by planning to jump a motorcycle and parachute safely back to the ground–all the while on level ground. That dramatically shrinks the margin for error to practically nothing.

Check it out and see for yourself.


Mustang Cobra Jet Wheelstands to the Moon at NHRA Indy Nationals

Mustang Cobra Jet wheelstand

This is racer Don Fezell running his Ford Mustang Cobra Jet at the NHRA’s Indy Nationals. He’s also, by the way, making his first pass after swapping out his usual manual transmission for an automatic.

That’s cool and all, but what we like is the massive wheelstand off the line. Fezell actually bounces the front tires and goes right back up as he tries to catch the faster Dodge Challenger in the far lane.

Funny or Jerk? You Make the Call

Spec Miata Racing

This video was shot at a Spec Miata race at Silverstone Circuit in the UK. Spec Miata is all about putting lots of drivers on the track is (mostly) equal cars, so passing is all about ability to maintain corner speed versus raw horsepower.

Most of the racers in Spec Miata classes are hobby-level racers, and while the competition is high it isn’t like careers are on the line or anything. That’s why we can’t tell if what’s going on here is a jerk move or a racer playing a bit of a practical joke on a friend. Either way, we’ve never seen anything like this before.


Insult to Injury: Porsche Racer Takes Vicious Hit and Winds Up in the Water

Porsche Crash
This may not be a case of going from bad to worse–but only because the firs hit is so bad. So maybe this is a case of going from worse to worse.

No, that doesn’t make any sense grammatically, but you will get it when you see this video.

This Porsche 964 is running a street race when the driver either suffers from brake problems or simply over-drives the corner. Whatever the reason, the result is German engineering meeting concrete barrier at a high rate of speed. But instead of simply bouncing off the barrier and waiting for the tow truck, the car takes to the air and winds up upside-down in a drainage ditch. Insult, meet injury.


They Don’t Save It

Rally Car Crash

We have no idea where this was shot, just that the car is a Ford Escort RS2000. (If anyone knows more details, please help us out in the comments below.)

But we bet you can still appreciate what’s going on here. Before things go bad we get a handful of shots of this driver really ripping up a fairly smooth gravel road in this rear-wheel drive car. But then the car gets some air coming off a hill and lands a little too nose forward. And guess what, there is no driving out of this one.

Thankfully, we see both the driver and navigator get out of the car and both appear to be OK.